Original and Canon Characters Used in the Nexus Cycle


Character Name

Actor Name


Character Description/History

Elise Hitchcock Julie Bowen Connecticut equine veterinarian, horse breeder, Mark Hitchcock's wife
Megan Murtagh Abigail Hawk DC & DS Jack and Eileen's daughter, head trainer for DS and DC racing
Patrick Murtagh Chris Lowell DC & DS assistant trainer, DS and DC Racing
Ashleen Murphy Cullen Margo Harshman Diamond Shamrock Farm Mike's wife, mother of Joe and Bridey, dies when Bridey is 14
Bridget Cullen Murtagh Dietrich Gail Strickland Diamond Shamrock Farm Queen Bridget the Great; mother of Jack, Lynn, Kevin, and Donnie
Gillian Murtagh Goddard, RN Leslie Hendrix Diamond Shamrock Farm Lynn's aunt; nurse, photographer, dog breeder and handler
Hans Dietrich Eric Braeden Diamond Shamrock Farm Bridey's second husband, father of her sons Jack and Donnie. Two-time Olympic gold medalist in Dressage.
Joe Cullen Tim Daly Diamond Shamrock Farm USMC, MOH awardee, WWII, Pacific Theater; assistant trainer; Diamond Shamrock; later head trainer
Mike Cullen Barnard Hughes Diamond Shamrock Farm father of Joe and Bridey, Hall of Fame horse trainer
Maura Murtagh Elizbeth Moorehead Diamonds South Farm Jack and Eileen's daughter, manager of DS/DC breeding facility in Florida
Thomas Magnum Tom Selleck Hawaii/USN former Seal, PI in Hawaii, later USN, ONI analyst, later DCNO
Angie Pierce Judy Lang NIMR Nelson's AA, one of Lynn's best friends; married to Dennis Pierce
Bill Fletcher Christian Clemonson NIMR computer designer, NIMR
Bob Shaughnessey, PhD Terrence Knox NIMR cetacean researcher, NIMR
Bridey Murtagh Joanna Garcia Swisher NIMR Jack and Eileen's middle daughter, later dolphin researcher, NIMR
Caitlynn Murtagh PhD Brooke Langton NIMR Jack and Eileen's oldest daughter, PAO at NIMR, successful mystery/technothriller officer, doctorate in history
CPO  Joe Bates Mike Colter NIMR Leading CPO in NIMR Operations
CPO Augustus Sanchez Hector Elizondo NIMR CPO, Operations
CPO Pete O'Reilly Tom Berenger NIMR Leading CPO in NIMR Security
David Cousins, PhD Denzel Washington NIMR dolphin researcher at NIMR
Donnie Murtagh Patrick Wilson NIMR Lynn's youngest brother, Navy helo pilot, later at NIMR as helo pilot
Elaine Harper Kathy Baker NIMR Lee's AA (1973-1980); Chip and Lee's AA (1981-1993)
Elilzabeth Davis Stephanie March NIMR NIMR Legal Department
Jeff Randall Ed Harris NIMR Head of Security, NIMR
Johnny Gage Randolph Mantooth NIMR Lynn & Kevin's paternal half-brother; LA County paramedic, later Chief of Safety at NIMR
Joseph Aziz Pej Vahdat NIMR Software designer, NIMR
Kathleen Hitchcock Murtagh A J Cook NIMR cetacean veterinarian, daughter of Mark and Elise Hitchcock, marries Donnie Murtagh
Katie Leydon Susan Flannery NIMR former CIA agent, intelligence analyst at NIMR,  Olympic silver medalist (shooting)
Lisa Baker, RN Kim Delaney NIMR nurse, NIMR Infirmary; Larry Baker's wife
Lola Hale Danica D'Hondt NIMR staffer, Operations
Lynn Murtagh (Morton) PhD Amy Carlson NIMR Dolphin researcher at NIMR, dressage rider, marries Chip Morton; later head of Cetacean Research
Marie Adams,  Margaret Colin NIMR naval architect, NIMR liaison with Navy on Project Cachalot
Marion Cooper Mitzi Hoag NIMR Chip's AA (1972-1980)
Maureen Garrity Kirstie Alley NIMR Eileen's younger sister, AA in Cetacean Section at NIMR
MCPO Henry Wilson Jonathan Banks NIMR MCPO, NIMR Security
Michelle Sloan Judith Moreland NIMR Chip and Lee's AA (1993-on)
Nick Costelloe Ed Marinaro NIMR research assistant, Cetacean Dept
Pete Holmfeld Matthew Gray Gubler NIMR research assistant, Cetacean Dept
Susan Wallace Leelee Sobieski NIMR research assistant, Cetacean Dept
Tish Sweetly Nancy Hsueh NIMR staffer, Operations
Lt Cdr Mark Tomlinson Mark Derwin NIMR/Seaview Operations Officer, NIMR/Seaview, one of Lynn's best friends
Andrea Langer Morton  Jessica Tuck NJ Chip's mother (deceased), escaped Nazi Germany in 1938, father and older brother killed for opposing Hitler
Brian Michael Morton Sean Connery NJ Chip's paternal grandfather (deceased)
Charlie Wagner Adam Baldwin NJ childhood best friend of Joe and Bridey, godfather to the Murtagh kids
Michael Thomas Morton  Mark Goddard NJ Chip's father (deceased)
Siobhan McKenna Mitzi Kapture NJ Mike Cullen's widowed cousin, helps out with house after Ashleen develops MS
Tim Malone David Morse NJ Kate's former husband; killed in car accident
Brian Murtagh MD Art Carney NYC Lynn's paternal grandfather, highly-regarded neurologist
Father Francis Xavier Murtagh Charles Durning NYC Lynn's uncle, later monsignor
Eileen Murtagh Jessica Steen San Sarita Ranch Jack's wife, horse breeder, software designer
Jack Murtagh Gary Cole San Sarita Ranch Lynn's older brother, rancher, software designer
Amy Walkanski Isabel Gillies Santa Barbara Ed Walkanski's wife
Brendan (Buddy) Malone Murtagh Stephen Dorff Santa Barbara Kate & Kevin's son; later veterinarian in his father's practice
Brianne Malone Bridget Moynihan Santa Barbara Kate and Tim's daughter
Heather Murtagh Marisa Coughlan Santa Barbara Kate and Kevin's daughter
Karen  Leach, MD Melinda McGraw Santa Barbara Lynn's OB/GYN
Kate Morton Malone Dana Delaney Santa Barbara Chip's only sibling, marries Tim Malone, later marries Kevin Murtagh after Tim's death
Kevin Murtagh  DVM Michael Biehn Santa Barbara Lynn's twin, veterinarian, Grand Prix rider; marries Kate Malone after Tim's death
Matthew Malone Stark Sands Santa Barbara Kate and Tim's son
Ryan Malone Dylan Moore Santa Barbara Kate and Tim's younger daughter
Scott Randall Joseph Gordon-Levitt Santa Barbara Jeff's son, Chip's godson
Tommy Harrison, MD Mark Valley Santa Barbara childhood friend of Lynn and Kevin; Lynn's GP
Wendy Harrison, DVM Courtney Cox Santa Barbara Kevin's partner in veterinary practice
Dennis Pierce, MD, FACS Tim Kang Santa Barbara General Angie's husband, adopted son of Hawkeye Pierce and Margaret Houlihan Pierce.  Trauma surgeon
Andrea Christine Morton Jessica Capshaw Santa Barbara/NJ Chip and Lynn's second child, born May 1983; dressage rider and trainer
Shawn Kathleen Morton Maggie Lawson Santa Barbara/NJ Chip and Lynn's oldest child, born April 1982: Grand Prix jumper rider and trainer; barn manager at Diamond Shamrock
Lt Cdr Richard Martin, MD, FACS Wayne Heffley Seaview/NIMR Assistant Medical Officer, Seaview/NIMR
Lt Cdr Wayne Baines, MD Wright King Seaview/NIMR Assistant Medical Officer, Seaview/NIMR
Lt Cdr Will Jamieson, MD, FACS Richard Bull Seaview/NIMR Chief Medical Officer, Seaview/NIMR
Admiral Harriman Nelson Richard Basehart SSRN Seaview Seaview's creator, Nobel laureate, genius scientist, author, educator
Chief Joe Cannarozzo   (Cookie) Nick Turturro SSRN Seaview Seaview's senior mess cook, as talented as a 4-star chef, plankowner
Commander Lee Crane David Hedison SSRN Seaview Seaview's second Captain, takes command after death of Capt. John Phillips, Annapolis graduate
CPO  Bill Johnson Peter Adams SSRN Seaview Assistant mess cook, Seaview
CPO Bill Dockery John Doman SSRN Seaview Leading CPO, Weapons Department, Seaview, plankowner
CPO Don Richter Robert John Burke SSRN Seaview CPO, Seaview Master at Arms
CPO Frank Watson Pat Culliton SSRN Seaview Chief Medical Corpsman, Seaview, plankowner
CPO Greg Wilson Gerald McCullouch SSRN Seaview Corpsman, Seaview
CPO Jack Nolan Gregory Jbara SSRN Seaview Leading CPO, Electronics Department, Seaview , plankowner
CPO Pat O'Hanlon Terry Kinney SSRN Seaview Leading CPO, Maintenance department, Seaview
Lt Danny Esposito Daniel Sunjata SSRN Seaview Seaview's dolphin officer, responsible for Seaview's deployed dolphin teams
Lt Nick 'Sparks' Peatty Arch Whiting SSRN Seaview Communications Officer, Seaview, plankowner
Lt Ray Carter Robert Clohessy SSRN Seaview Sonar Officer, SSRN Seaview
Lt. Bobby O'Brien Derrick Lewis SSRN Seaview Diving Officer, Seaview
Lt. Cdr. Jim MacKenzie Michael Swan SSRN Seaview Engineering Officer, Seaview
Lt. Chris Hodges Patrick J. Adams SSRN Seaview Supply Officer, SSRN Seaview
Lt. Ed Walkanski Rick Rossovich SSRN Seaview Maintenance Oficer, SSRN Seaview
Lt. Garland Bishop Paul Comi SSRN Seaview Assistant Navigator, Seaview
Lt. Larry Baker Mark Harmon SSRN Seaview Weapons Officer, SSRN Seaview, plankowner
Lt. Mark Videtti Ken Wahl SSRN Seaview Electronics/Computer Officer, SSRN Seaview
LtCdr Chip Morton Robert Dowdell SSRN Seaview Seaview's XO, plankowner, Annapolis graduate
Marco Nunez Marco Lopez SSRN Seaview crewman, assigned to control room, plankowner
Mark 'Pat' Patterson Paul Trinka SSRN Seaview crewman, assigned to control room, part of Dolphin Detail, plankowner
MCPO  Joe Brewer Mike Doyle SSRN Seaview Master Chief in Engineering, Seaview, plankowner
MCPO Francis Sharkey Terry Becker SSRN Seaview COB, Seaview
MCPO Kurt "Curly" Jones Henry Kulky SSRN Seaview Seaview's first COB, plankowner; deceased
Seaman Andy Weening Michael Grant Terry SSRN Seaview part of Dolphin Detail
Seaman Bob Burrows Larry Sullivan SSRN Seaview part of Dolphin Detail
Seaman Lou Rodrigo Danny Pino SSRN Seaview part of Dolphin Detail
Seaman Stu Riley Allan Hunt SSRN Seaview crewman, assigned to control room, part of Dolphin Detail, plays guitar
Seaman Walter 'Ski' Kowalski Del Monroe SSRN Seaview crewman, assigned to control room, part of Dolphin Detail, plankowner
Capt John Brandner Patrick St. Esprit SSXN Cachalot Cachalot project officer
Cdr Bill Tomlinson Robert Urich SSXN Cachalot CO, Cachalot
Cdr Leonard Williams, MD, FACS Sterling K Brown SSXN Cachalot Chief Medical Officer, Cachalot
CPO Alan Kramer Daniel Roebuck SSXN Cachalot Master at Arms, Cachalot
CPO Bill Daley George Eads SSXN Cachalot Chief Corpsman, Cachalot
Lt Cdr Dan Hoskins Thomas Gibson SSXN Cachalot XO, Cachalot
Lt Cdr Dick Ellis Ezra Knight SSXN Cachalot Engineering  Officer, Cachalot Cousin to Adam Ellis
Lt Cdr Marty Flynn Marc Blucas SSXN Cachalot Weapons Officer, Cachalot
Lt Cdr Sam Washington Lou Gossett SSXN Cachalot Electronics/Computer Officer, Cachalot
Lt Cdr Todd Hammond Eric Dane SSXN Cachalot Navigator, Cachalot
Lt Harry Goldman Adam Goldberg SSXN Cachalot Sonar Officer, Cachalot
Lt. Christian Long Neal McDonough SSXN Cachalot Communications Officer, Cachalot
Lt. Eric Dryer Will Estes SSXN Cachalot Maintenance Officer, Cachalot
Lt. Mark Hansen Stephen Caffrey SSXN Cachalot Diving Officer, Cachalot
Lt. Paul Hamilton Shemar Moore SSXN Cachalot Supply Officer, Cachalot
MCPO  Dave Cerone Scott Cohen SSXN Cachalot COB, Cachalot
MCPO Mike Mahoney Jack McGee SSXN Cachalot Master Chief in Engineering, Cachalot
Brian Joseph Morton Stephen Gregory UPENN Chip and Lynn's fourth child, born Nov. 1988; veterinary student at UPENN
Sean Murtagh Shane Conrad USAF USAFA grad; Jack and Eileen's older son, named after Eileen's brother who was killed in Vietnam; F-16 pilot
Adm. Peter Goddard James Naughton USN uncle and godfather to Murtagh kids; COMNAVAIRPAC,  later DCNO, then CNO
Jimmy Goddard Dan Gauthier USN cousin to Murtagh kids, naval aviator, F-14 pilot, later F-18 pilot, Blue Angel, later CAG, then CO of George Washington
Joe Goddard Jack Scalia USN cousin to Murtagh kids, naval aviator, F-14 pilot, later CAG of Enterprise, CO of USS Nimitz, later COMNAVAIRPAC
Lt Cdr Dan Hanaway Michael Trucco USN Navy Seal working with Navy dolphins, Annapolis classmate of Mark Tomlinson and Joe Goddard
Michael Patrick Morton Robert Dowdell USN Chip and Lynn's third child, born Nov. 1985; Annapolis graduate, enters submarine service
Paul Goddard Tom Selleck USN Lynn's cousin; NAVY Seal, later ONI analyst, later CNO
Rear Admiral Sean Murtagh, MD, FACS Brian Dennehy USN Lynn and Kevin's biological father, orthopedic surgeon, Bethesda
Shannon Murtagh Bellamy Young USN Annapolis graduate, naval aviator; F-18 pilot
Cdr Matt Kyle Lee Horsley Venture Captain of Venture, NIMR's surface exploration/deep-sea rescue ship
CPO  John Redmond Michael Boatman Venture Chief Corpsman, Venture
CPO Mark Ford Ice-T Venture Master at Arms, Venture
Lt Adrian Martinez Joel de la Fuente Venture Sonar/Radar Officer, Venture
Lt Cdr Adam Ellis  Dean Winters Venture Navigator, Venture; cousin to Dick Ellis
Lt Cdr Craig  DeVault Peter Hermann Venture Engineering Officer, Venture
Lt Cdr Pete Chambers Michael Warren Venture XO, Venture
Lt James Thompson Derek Webster Venture First Lieutenant, Venture
Lt John Morranos Kirk Acevedo Venture Weapons Officer, Venture
Lt Kenneth Haskell Robert Sean Leonard Venture Communications Officer, Venture
Lt Michael Curran Christian Conrad Venture Electronics Officer, Venture
Lt Peter Meadows Keanu Reeves Venture Maintenance Officer, Venture
Lt. Ben Hillman Seth Gabel Venture Supply Officer, Venture
Lt. Cdr Alexandra Parelli, MD, FACS Callie Thorne Venture Chief Medical Officer, Venture/Assistant Medical Officer, NIMR
Lt. Joe Lawson Dennis Haysbert Venture Submersibles Officer, Venture (originally part of Seaview's crew) 
MCPO Javier Cintron Felix Solis Venture COB, Venture
MCPO Joe Robertson Dann Florek Venture Master Chief in Engineering, Venture


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