The Nexus Cycle Episode and Story Timeline


Non-Voyage stories which are a part of the Nexus Cycle universe are noted with a fandom notation after the story title.


Episode Title Story Title
January 1943   My Enemy, My Friend (RP)
Dec 1944-Jan 1945   Transitions (RP)
Jan 1945-May 1945   The Last Ride Raid (RP)
June 1945-May 1946   Deadlines and Commitments (RP)
1953   Dreams Don't Die (RP)
1955   This Life (RP)
December 1968   The Gift of Christmas (RP)
1969   Don't Look Back  (VBS)
January 1972   Transition Part 1 (VBS)
March 1973    
April 1973    
May 1973    
June 1973    
July 1973    
August 1973    
September 1973    
October 1973    
Late November 1973 Eleven Days to Zero Always a Friend
Late November 1973   Blood Brothers
Early December 1973 Doomsday  
December 1973 Long Live the King  
January 1974 Village of Guilt  
February 1974 Mist of Silence  
March 1974 City Beneath the Sea  
April 1974 Turn Back the Clock  
May 1974 Hail to the Chief  
June 1974 The Indestructible Man  
July 1974 The Fearmakers  
August 1974 The Last Battle  
September 1974 The Traitor  
October 1974 The Condemned  
November 1974 Secret of the Loch  
December 1974 Mutiny  
January 1975 The Exile  
February 1975 Hot Line  
March 1975 The Enemies  
April 1975 The Sky is Falling  
May 1975 The Buccaneer  
June 1975 The Saboteur untitled missing scene
July 1975 The Blizzard Makers  
August 1975 The Creature  
September 1975 The Ghost of Moby Dick  
October 1975 Cradle of the Deep  
November 1975 The Invaders  
January 1976 The Price of Doom  
February 1976 The Magnus Beam  
March 1976 No Way Out  
April 1976 The Human Computer  
May 1976 Submarine Sunk Here The Connection
May 1977   Transition Part 2 (VBS)
June 1977    
July 1977    
October 1977    
November 1977 Jonah and the Whale  
February 1978 The X-Factor  
April 1978 The Machines Strike Back  
May 1978 Killers of the Deep  
June 1978 Terror on Dinosaur Island  
July 1978 Deadly Creature Below  
August 1978 And Five of Us Are Left  
October 1978 Time Bomb  
November 1978 Escape From Venice  
January 1979 The Phantom Strikes  
February 1979 The Deadliest Game  
March 1979 Return of the Phantom  
April 1979 The Left-Handed Man  
May 1979 The Silent Saboteurs  
July 1979 The Sky's on Fire  
September 1979 Graveyard of Fear  
October 1979 The Shape of Doom  
November 1979 Dead Men's Doubloons  
January 1980 The Menfish  
February 1980 The Mechanical Man  
March 1980 Leviathan  
April 1980 The Cyborg  
April 1980   Big Brother, Little Sister
May 1980   Lessons Learned         novel
June 1980   False Faces                  novel
June 1980   The Debriefing
Early July 1980 The Monster's Web  
Mid-July 1980   Promises Made
Mid-July 1980   Seeds
August 1980   Roll of the Dice  (Emergency!)
Aug-Sept 1980   Requiem         
October 1980 The Peacemaker  
October 1980   Only the Heart May Know
October 1980   Chance Encounter
October 1980   Trust
October 1980   Code of Silence
October 1980   Heart to Heart
Oct-Nov 1980   Stolen Moments       novel
November 1980   Promises Kept
November 1980   Sketches and Reflections
November 1980   Boys' Night Out
November 1980   Point Blank
November 1980   Family Ties
December 1980   Countin' on a Miracle
December 1980   Merry Christmas, Baby
Early January 1981   Surprise, Surprise
Mid-January 1981   Family Matters
Mid-January 1981   Heart of the Matter
Late January 1981   The Price You Pay
Early February 1981   Face the Promise
Mid-February 1981 Monster from the Inferno Girl Talk
Late February 1981   Mercy Mission
Early March 1981   Forward Motion
Late March 1981   Stage Fright
Late March 1981   None But the Brave
Early April 1981   untitled 
Late April 1981   Leap of Faith
early May 1981   untitled
Mid-May 1981   untitled
Late May 1981   Batter Up!
early June 1981   Ghosts
Late June 1981 Blow Up Times Like These
July 1981 The Death Ship  
Early August 1981 The Day the World Ended  
late August 1981   Part of the Plan
September 1981 Monster from Outer Space  
Late October 1981   Windows and Walls
November 1981 Werewolf  
November 1981 Deadly Waters Friends in High Places
December 1981 The Terrible Toys  
early January 1982   Workin' on a Dream
late January 1982   Turn the Page
February 1982 Brand of the Beast  
early April 1982   Dreams and Wishes
May 1982   The Connection
June 1982 The Thing from Inner Space  
July 1982 Nightmare  
Sept 1982 The Shadowman Night  (Man from UNCLE crossover)
October 1982    
October 1982 Deadly Invasion  
December 1982 The Wax Men In the Passage
February 1983 The Deadly Dolls  
March 1983 The Death Watch  
June 1983 The Lost Bomb  
October 1983 The Plant Man  
February 1984 The Lobster Man  
April 1984 The Creature  
July 1984   Reason to Believe
November 1984 Death from the Past  
Early February 1985   Once More with Feeling
late February 1985 The Death Clock  
April 1985 The Heat Monster  
July 1985 The Fires of Death Against the Wind  
Late August 1985 The Fossil Men  
October 1985 Journey with Fear Wishing on the Moon         novel
October 1985 The Mummy Wishing on the Moon         novel
November 1985   Wishing on the Moon         novel
January 1986   Snips & Snails & Puppydog Tails
February 1986 The Edge of Doom  
March 1986 The Mermaid  
June 1986 No Escape from Death  
September 1986 Doomsday Island  
November 1986 Deadly Amphibians  
January 1987 Night of Terror Captured Angels
February 1987   Captured Angels
March 1987 Secret of the Deep  
May 1987 Deadly Cloud  
August 1987 A Time to Die  
October 1987 Destroy Seaview  
January 1988 Day of Evil  
January 1988   Tell Me A Story
May 1988 The Abominable Snowman  
June 1988 Terror on Dinosaur Island  
June 1988 The Haunted Submarine Once Upon a Time
August 1988 Return of Blackbeard  
September 1988 The Terrible Leprechaun  
October 1988 The Man-Beast  
November 1988 Flaming Ice The Promise
Late April 1989 Man of Many Faces  
October 1989 Time Lock  
August 1990 Cave of the Dead  
March 1991 Sealed Orders  
September 1991 Fatal Cargo  
June 1991 Savage Jungle  
May 1992 Rescue  
June 1993   Up, Up and Away
September  1993 Attack  
May 1994 No Way Back  
March 1997   Face the Fire      (VBS/JAG crossover novel)
1998   Night (Stargate/The Cape Crossover)
August 2000   Looking Glass (Stargate/The Cape Crossover)
2002   Icarus Descending  (VBS/The Cape crossover)
January 2010   Beyond the Edge (VBS/NCIS crossover novel)

Episode titles in bold/italic are dreams Lynn Morton has when she is pregnant. It's my way of eliminating
the more ludicrous episodes from my universe yet still retaining them in canon.


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